The career benefits of a PMP

By Lianne Tucker

Getting your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification can be a big next step in your career. Although it can be a time-consuming and difficult task, it is most definitely worth it.

A PMP is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute. It is a designation given to professionals who meet certain education and experience criteria and was created to establish a standard of project management across different industries and locations.

There are several reasons that getting your PMP should be your next step in moving your career forward.

The first reason is that it adds value to your resume. If a hiring manager is looking at several project management candidates and one has a PMP certification and the others do not, that candidate will jump to the head of the line. Furthermore, many companies are making it mandatory to have a PMP certification. It means you cannot even apply for some positions without these credentials.

The next reason to get your PMP is to broaden your knowledge of project management. In order to get your certification, you need to have 35 hours of project management education. You will also need to take and pass a difficult exam and schedule all the study time that comes with that. The end result will be your being a better project manager.

The biggest draw for getting your PMP certification is the bump in pay that comes with it. Certified project managers are paid an average of 20% more than non-certified project managers.

Finally, a PMP certification can also be extremely valuable if you plan to advance in the current company you are working at. It puts you way ahead of your colleagues in terms of moving up the career ladder.

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